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Our Work On Behalf Of Children Of Divorce

Divorce and separations are often hardest on the children involved. Informed by a background in social work, our attorneys at Brazill Hester PC of Indianapolis stand ready to serve. Our attorneys have extensive experience serving as guardians ad litem (GAL) and parenting coordinators (PC).

What Is A Guardian Ad Litem?

A GAL is a person appointed to represent the interests of the children. The GAL does not represent the children in the same way that an attorney would represent a party to the case, but the judge does rely on the GAL to advise the judge about matters involving the children. Our sole objective in GAL cases is to identify and advocate for the best interests of the children involved.

Advocating on behalf of children is perhaps the most important work we do, and we know that recommendations need to take into account the fact that the child’s relationship with his or her parents will last a lifetime.

Generally, the GAL will conduct an investigation by speaking to the parents, the children and other people involved in the children’s lives, such as teachers and counselors, and reviewing records related to the children. This may include home visits. The GAL will then issue a report to the court containing recommendations for the judge to consider in making a ruling. In fulfilling these duties on behalf of your children, we will conduct an investigation that leaves no stone unturned. Perhaps most importantly, we will serve as a neutral voice for the children that saves them from the often traumatizing experience of testifying or talking with a judge in chambers.

What Is A Parenting Coordinator?

The PC works with the parents on an ongoing basis on day-to-day issues and decisions for the children such as schedules, exchanges, health care decisions, educational decisions and more.

An effective PC will be able to help parents focus on the children’s best interests and develop the skills necessary to deal with problems and conflicts that often arise in co-parenting situations. The goal is to help parents eventually be able to handle these decisions without the assistance of the PC. The parties can agree to have a PC appointed, or the court can appoint a PC on its own when necessary. In some cases, all the parents need is the PC’s guidance in working out their own agreements. In other high-conflict cases, it is better for the PC to have the authority to make binding recommendations when the parents cannot reach an agreement.

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