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Forging Child-Focused Custody Solutions

The restructuring of a family requires a careful balance between the needs and desires of children and parents alike. At Brazill Hester PC of Indianapolis, our background in social work helps guide our approach. Matters related to child custody have far-reaching outcomes; a decision made in a single day can continue to affect a child and the relationship between a parent and a child for decades.

Our attorneys understand that amplified emotions can make it difficult for parents to reach a custody or parenting time agreement alone. As we guide you through the custody process, we remain mindful of how family law issues intersect with the very human emotions felt during such challenging times. Accordingly, we strive to provide unmatched legal representation tempered with sensitivity and compassion.

Custody Tailored To The Needs Of Your Child

Parents often have very different opinions on child custody issues. It can be difficult to remember that a custody arrangement is not a competition between the parents. At the same time, it can be hard to focus on what is truly “best for your child” when both parents are entrenched in determining all the details for the rest of your child’s life as you prepare to move forward as a family in two different homes.

Our attorneys care deeply about what happens to children and the family during a divorce or family restructuring. To that end, we emphasize straightforward advice and honest feedback to minimize short-term, emotion-based decision-making.

Indiana courts adhere to what is called the “best interests of the child” standard when making parenting time determinations. However, the standard for determining the physical custody arrangement for a child, which decides where the child will live, is more complex. While the same standards for determining physical custody apply to each case, custody cases are often factually messy, which makes each case unique. Factors considered include:

  • The child’s age
  • The wishes of the child and parents
  • Existing relationships with parents, siblings and other family members
  • The child’s adjustment to their current home, school and community
  • The mental and physical health of everyone involved
  • Any pattern or evidence of domestic violence
  • A person other than a parent caring for the child as a de facto custodian

Brazill Hester PC will use its decades of experience and success in numerous custody cases to help you navigate through a physical custody and/or legal custody battle for your child. In highly contentious custody cases, the court may require a parenting coordinator or guardian ad litem to advocate for the child. Our attorneys have served in those roles as well, giving them the unique ability to understand these cases from multiple perspectives.

Let Us Find A Custody Arrangement For Your Family

No matter how complicated a child custody dispute seems at the onset, we can help forge a lasting solution. Discuss your child custody or parenting time concerns during a confidential consultation at our office in Indianapolis. To schedule yours, call us at 317-973-0343 or reach us online.