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Ensuring Fair Support Obligations

Parenthood comes with certain rights and responsibilities, and parents have an obligation to provide for a child’s basic needs. When a child’s parents divorce or separate, child support payments made by one parent offset child-rearing costs encountered by the other parent. Those child-rearing costs include such things as providing a home for the child and having the means for the parent to transport the child to various places. There are other issues that are related to child support calculation that can be addressed at the same time, such as payment for extracurricular activities, tax-related matters, college expenses and medical expenses.

Failing to consider all aspects of a child support case can leave a parent struggling with too little support or cause a parent to pay too much. The goal is to provide the child with the support they need while remaining cognizant of each parent’s true income and situation. To determine an appropriate child support amount, the court reviews factors such as:

Whether you will pay or collect child support, Brazill Hester PC can ensure that all the facts are presented so that you receive the fairest treatment possible in your specific case.

Maintaining The Standard Of Living

The goal of the Indiana Child Support Guidelines is to give the child the same standard of living they would have had if the parents had not separated. Separated or divorced parents have to bear expenses that were previously paid from a combined income before separation, meaning they now have to manage with fewer resources.

However, these guidelines do not always account for all circumstances, and certain cases will require creative approaches. For example, a custodial parent may be ordered to pay child support to the noncustodial parent, or one parent in a joint custody arrangement may be required to pay child support because of inherent controlled expenses in the child support formula even though both parents have the same income. The attorneys at Brazill Hester PC are also experienced in addressing issues such as underemployment of a parent, parents hiding income and parents who earn higher than what the child support calculations account for. With decades of experience handling complex child support matters, the attorneys at Brazill Hester PC are prepared to represent your interests in child support amount determination and related orders so that your child is financially supported by both parents.

Get The Support You Need

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