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Modifying Custody Arrangements To Match Life Changes

When Indiana courts determine custody, a judge bases his/her decision on factors apparent at that time. But as children age and families evolve, existing child custody and parenting time arrangements may no longer be appropriate. To address these changes, you can request a modification to your court order.

Courts are often reluctant to make changes to existing orders when a child appears to be safe and well-adjusted. To request a modification, you need a strong supporting argument backed by skilled legal counsel. With decades of experience handling family law and custody matters, the attorneys at Brazill Hester PC are well-equipped to help you assess your grounds and supporting evidence for seeking a modification.

When Circumstances Change

Typically, modification requests arise out of life changes. As with an original order, a court’s decision on modifying child custody arrangements is based on several statutory factors, while a modification of parenting time is based on a more simple standard of “the best interests of the child.” The party requesting the modification must demonstrate how the change would benefit the child.

A modification request can occur when:

  • A custodial parent wishes to relocate for work or other reasons
  • A gradual change in circumstances rendered the current agreement unsuitable
  • The custodial parent cannot care for the child due to addiction or another issue
  • The child was left with a de facto custodian, such as a grandparent, and has developed a strong bond with this person

Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to give clients straightforward advice about what they can expect from the process. If we believe that you do not have a strong case for a modification, or that a judge will need more evidence, we will tell you so. We have deep experience and knowledge of these matters, developed over decades of divorce and family law work. We will be able to help you understand your options for moving forward or negotiating an agreement that both parties can live with.

Get Started On Your Adjustment Today

If you and your child’s other parent cannot reach an agreement regarding modifications to your parenting time and custody arrangements, we can help you realign your order to fit with current needs. Discuss the modification process with an attorney by scheduling a consultation at our office in Indianapolis. To arrange yours, call us at 317-973-0343 or reach our firm online.