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Navigate The Complexities Of Divorce

There are very few areas of the law that require more compassion and sensitivity than divorce, because the restructuring of your family is undoubtedly a stressful time.

While all family law attorneys focus on the legal aspects of divorce — property distribution, child custody and child support chief among them — at Brazill Hester PC in Indianapolis, we also focus on the human side of the law. We never lose touch with the fact that legal arguments and evidence are no more important than the healing necessary when the page turns to this new chapter in your life. Our attorneys and staff can provide you with the skilled and experienced counsel as well as the support and understanding you need to handle issues like:

Finding The Approach That Works For You

Several of our attorneys have specialized training in collaborative divorce, a process that gives you and your spouse control of the decision-making process rather than a judge. If you and your spouse can pledge not to take the case to court, to provide an honest exchange of information and to negotiate in good faith, the collaborative law approach will work for your family.

This process often helps build a strong foundation for the future, which will be necessary if you and your spouse will have to co-parent and solve problems jointly in the future. We are also experienced with representing clients in mediation, another conciliatory approach that gives people a chance to work out issues outside of a courtroom.

However, you can rest assured that we will be candid and forthright with you regarding all of your legal options. We will not bring an issue regarding families and children into court if unnecessary, but if your interests would be best pursued in litigation, we have the skill and temperament to deal with difficult and emotional issues in the most tactful yet effective way possible.

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Regardless of your specific needs, Brazill Hester PC will always put your family first. If you are ready to speak with one of our attorneys about your needs and options, we invite you to request a confidential consultation today. You can send us an email or call our office in Indianapolis at 317-973-0343.