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Securing An Equitable Settlement

One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce can be the division of the property in the marital estate, which in Indiana includes property that you and/or your spouse owned prior to the marriage and property that either of you acquired during the marriage. The decision a judge makes in one day regarding the division of assets and debts can affect your financial stability for years to come, and that decision can be based on myriad factors. Indiana courts begin with the statutory presumption of an equal division of the assets and debts. A party may then present evidence to convince the court that a deviation is necessary so that one party receives more than 50 percent of the marital estate. 

Our firm is acutely familiar with the various factors judges consider when deviating from an equal division of the marital estate. Ideally, a carefully crafted settlement agreement can be reached without proceeding to court so that the parties to the marriage make the decisions regarding their future rather than a judge. However, when such a settlement is not possible or wise for your particular case, Brazill Hester PC stands ready to vigorously advocate for you in court in order to protect your future financial well-being and your ability to provide for your family in your new chapter in life.  

Handling Complex Asset Division

Our firm has decades of experience handling complex property division related to divorce. Such a division of assets requires careful assessment of the value and origination of each asset and each debt. We work closely with financial advisers, accountants and other business professionals to ensure accurate valuation and proper consideration of all the facts in your particular case. Our firm routinely assists clients with the division of assets, including:

  • Businesses and professional practices
  • Investment accounts held in the U.S. and abroad
  • Retirement funds, pensions, annuities and profit-sharing plans
  • Vacation homes and other properties
  • Large inheritances
  • Collections of various types (e.g., art, jewelry, cars, antiques, meteorites, guns)

We will work to reach an out-of-court agreement to settle all matters in your case, but if litigation is in your best interest, our firm is ready to fight on your behalf. Honest advice about where your case stands is a cornerstone of our practice so that your best interest is the focus of our representation.

Assistance Is Just A Phone Call Away

Choosing to end a marriage is painful enough as is. You do not want to have the added problem of financial instability for years afterward. Ensure strong financial footing with our assistance. To arrange a consultation with our attorneys, reach us by email or call our Indianapolis office at 317-973-0343.