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Is a collaborative divorce right for you?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2021 | Divorce

If you find your marriage is not working anymore, it may be because you and your spouse have grown apart. You two still get along, but it is time to go your separate ways.

Your divorce process may be easier than others because you will not contest it. You both agree to everything. The process is a collaborative divorce. It may make the manner of separating easier and less expensive and requires three things.

1. You agree not to go to court

The whole point of collaborative divorce is to come to an agreement outside of the courtroom. You and your spouse make your own decisions instead of having the judge decide. Before getting started with the process, you must consent to it in writing. The judge will still have to sign the final agreement.

2. You must talk to each other

Another aspect of collaborative divorce is communication between you and your spouse. The meetings are to create an open and honest dialogue to reach the final agreement. Each session is face to face and includes your attorneys and other advisers you may want involved.

3. You reach a decision

The collaborative divorce process ends with an agreement both of you can live with. This includes child custody and support arrangements and the division of assets and debts. During the meetings, child and financial specialists may interact with you to help work out the best solutions.

Collaborative divorce is a nonadversarial means to an end. The results may keep you, your ex-spouse and your children from the over-the-top emotions common with contentious divorces.